Color Change Wraps



Color Change Wrap Information, Pricing & Materials

The technology of wrapping vinyl gives us the option to change the color of your vehicle.  There are 100+ color options to choose from with multiple finishes.   A typical color change vehicle wrap costs between $2,500 and $3,500.  If you would like a custom design we can start the process with a $250.00 down payment. 

One of the benefits of a vehicle wrap is that it is an extra layer of protection to your vehicles paint.  It protects against oxidation, weather and minor scratches.   If your wrapped vehicle gets a minor ding or scratch, it will most likely go through the vinyl but in many cases will not penetrate the paint.



STEP #1: Initially we will give you an estimate for how much your wrap(s) will cost.  If a custom designed wrap is what you are looking for we require a $250.00 down payment to begin putting mock ups together.  This payment will go toward your wrap design.  If you already have your design we skip to Step #2.  Most wrap designs are complete within 2 to 3 layouts and 2 to 3 revisions.  If the design takes more than 3 layouts and 3 revisions there will be an added cost of $50.00 per layout which includes 2 revisions.

STEP #2: If you already have your wrap design or after we complete creating your artwork we can give you an exact price for your project.  At that point there is a payment due of 50% of the total price of your wrap to purchase materials and begin printing your wrap.

STEP #3: Once we receive your down payment we will purchase materials, print, laminate and get your wrap ready for installation.  This process usually takes 3 to 5 business days but can be expedited for rush jobs.

STEP #4: While your wrap is printing or while we are waiting for your vinyl to ship we can schedule your installation.  We don’t normally take delivery of your vehicle(s) until the wraps are ready to install.  To install a typical vehicle color change wrap takes us 3 days.

STEP #5: At this point your wrapped vehicle will be ready tp pick up.  When you pick up your vehicle the remaining balance is due.  From start to finish, to design, print and install a wrap should take 5 to 7 days but can be expedited for rush jobs.



MATERIAL:  3M IJ180MC or Avery MPI1105 Wrapping Vinyl

LAMINATION:   3M or Avery High-Performance Cast Lamination (Gloss or Matte)

PRINTING: Roland Solvent Printer

LIFETIME: 4 to 6 years

WARRANTY: We warranty our wraps for 3 years.  They should last longer when cared for properly however after 4 years the colors can begin to fade.

Do: Keep your wrap clean (wash by hand)

Do: Wax it a few times a year. (By Hand)

Don’t: Take your wrap through a carwash

Don’t:  Use buffers or orbitals to wax.

Note: A well maintained wrap will last for 4 to 6 years.  A wrap not maintained well will last for about 2 years however it will not clean up as nicely as it will if it is cleaned regularly.